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Upcoming Appearances:

February 5: Pass The Baton Interview: Streaming Live on Instagram! 12 pm EST (Interviewee)

February 10: Badass Writer’s Podcast

February 11: Live Book Signing at Barnes & Noble, Newburgh 1 – 3 pm EST

Air Date TBD: Under the Radar Podcast

February 19: Pass The Baton Interview- Streaming live on Instagram at 12 pm EST (Interviewer)

April 6 – 9: NorWesCon @ Seattle SeaTac. Come meet me and other Winding Road Stories Authors!


ReInception wins the Literary Titan Gold Award!  Literary Titans says:

ReInception is an excellent science fiction novel with a focus on genetic engineering. The adventure readers go on as they follow the characters in the battle for humanity’s free will is engaging and thrilling. With the moral question of what is right or wrong and what is the benefit for society as a whole at the forefront of this novel, it will be hard to put down once you start.”


Robin Colucci and I had a blast talking about my past as a prosecutor and true crime writer and how it connects to my current Science Fiction writing. Check out the episode here and Robin’s great show, “The Author’s Corner!”


On December 5, I had a great conversation with the folks at “Live From the Bunker” on SciFi4Me. If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube or stream it on Apple Podcasts or wherever else you listen to podcasts! Please let me know what you thought of the interview!



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ReInception Receives a Five Star Review Award from LitPick!

Click here to read the full review!

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ReInception is an American Writing Awards Finalist!

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Now Available on Audible!

My audiobook just launched. I was SO lucky to have multi-award-winning Arielle DeLisle narrate this novel. This book was not easy to narrate. In addition to several prominent characters, I invented an entire language and it’s set 100 years in the future. Arielle not only brought these characters to life, but she created an accent for Prole Patois that reflects the melting pot that is these people and this language. I’m SO proud of this audiobook. I know you are going to love it!

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Blog Review says of ReInception: “This novel touches on many of the issues facing current society around personal privacy, reproductive rights, and working-class divide. It’s inspired by Sarena’s time spent working as a Bronx DA prosecuting crimes. Readers who enjoy stories from Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series or such classics like The Time Machine and A Clockwork Orange will love this suspenseful, thought-provoking novel.”

Savage Planets says: “This is the true nature of our collective Speculative Futures, and we hope to see more from this author.”

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I’m super excited to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel, ReInception.

Kindle and print pre-orders are now open and can be purchased here.

You can order Signed and customized copies of ReInception from Split Rock Books

Audible pre-orders will open soon!!

ReInception Book Cover